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Merudoxin. Hearing that word should have made everyone grimace at the thought. It should have filled their body with pure anger to see women everywhere rave about the new drug; to see its name plastered all over the news. They told us it would make labour painless. They told us it would revolutionize childbirth. The only thing left to do was to test it. On us. Women everywhere were lining up at their local hospitals just waiting to get a taste of the drug. Conceitedly, they signed their names. Everyone was hoping the medicine would work. It was to be a major science breakthrough! But no one ever promised that the babies wouldn't get hurt. No one seemed to care about the endangerment of their lives. That's where I came in. A voice for the voiceless. I would never let a life be wasted, even if my own life became at risk. **Sneak Preview** The doctor took the baby in his hands and took a look himself. I heard him take a sharp intake of breath. "Bloody hell!" he exclaimed. "What should we do with her?" the surgeon asked. "We're going to have to get rid of it" he announced simply. I whipped my head towards Arturo. I began getting up, trying to end this tyranny but Arturo held me back and that's when I remembered where we were, who I was carrying inside me. I cried quietly as I watched the woman scream and whimper as she realised the fate of her child. And the fate of herself. The surgeon wheeled her inside a door followed by the Doctor with the baby. "You can't do this to us! Give me my baby!" she sobbed helplessly until she said in a quiet voice, "Let me hold her once". The doors closed before I could see if they fulfilled her last wish. That's the last I saw of her and her daughter. Hope you enjoy, fishies! Copyright Restricted

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