All Over Again
By WeirdAndStuff
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She liked him. He loved her. She hates him. He still loves her. When trust is broken, it takes time to build again. When your heart is broken, you build walls around it. Other than that, you live life to the fullest and try to forget everything bad that has happened to you. Along the way, you meet monsters, you have inner battles with yourself, you become obsessed with the colour green and you try not to fall in love with single hot guy that walks past you. And that is very difficult when you're living in one of the biggest cities in the world with ninety percent of the population being super hot. Brooklyn is Claire's best friend's brother and her brother's best friend. And he wants her back. Claire, however, does not want to even be associated with that idiot. Even if People's magazine ranked him in the top 20 of the world's hottest men. She wouldn't care even if they were the last two people on the planet. But she knows something is going to happen, because always history repeats itself. -------------------- Ranked #396 in Humour. Undergoing a major writer's block.

Chapter 1- Forgetful Me.

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All Over...
by WeirdAndStuff