Long to feel wanted...
By bananas_n_mangoes
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Lauren Jauregui was the girl with a sad past and a wealthy lifestyle. But she felt empty and lived with no purpose in life. She longed for something that money couldn't buy; she longed to feel important, longed to feel loved, she longed to feel needed. Camila Cabello was the girl nobody cared about. She didn't have a childhood, having grown up being told she wasn't wanted and constantly being beaten by her boss, she resorts to age regression or age play to deal with all the stress. The only thing Camila has ever wanted was to feel safe, to feel loved but overall she longed to feel wanted A girl who longs to feel needed and a girl who longs to feel wanted. What happens when Lauren finds a distressed and crying Camila in an alleyway, and the everlasting words that help in the process of giving both girls what they desire. "Hey, are you okay?"


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Long to f...
by bananas_n_mangoes