Raven's Heart (?...
By WorldsInsideMyHead
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Welcome back to Enniskillen!! The crest of Ranfurly bears the aspect of a raven and the motto 'Fidelity in All' with a ducal crown. Since the age of nineteen Sandor, fifth Duke of Ranfurly, has always taken his responsibilities seriously, to the exclusion of all else in his life. Disillusioned by women who only seemed to see his title rather than himself, he's given up on marriage, intending to choose his heir from his sister's sons. Yet under his sombre and staid exterior beats a passionate heart and a sensitive soul. Mahan, Chief of the Northern Damark tribes, knows that the latest incursions of the Boar and Weasel clans will bring the Chief of Enniskillen and his War Raven to the plains in retaliation. He hopes to not only stave off war but to forge a peace. Sandor will do whatever his king asks of him to avoid all out war. He's resigned to his uneventful future, but it seems that 'tynged' - fate - is conspiring with Damark females to stir up his sedate existence. NOTE: With the exception of the prologue, this story takes place chronologically AFTER The Bear of Farlathi. Events from that story are mentioned within and may be considered spoilers.


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Raven's H...
by WorldsInsideMyHead