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What began as a joke in a Twitter conversation evolved into this, an original story based off the highly popular light novel sensation in Japan. I haven't really written anything since my essay on Transhumanism a few years back, so this will be a journey for me as well! Our main cast includes: 紳一大輔 / Shinichi, Daisuke Shinichi is the main protagonist of this story, one day he gets into an argument with a girl who comes off as a tsundere, he confronts this. 雪村悦子 / Yukimura, Etsuko Yukimura is the tsundere that Shinichi meets on the internet, she doesn't believe she is a tsundere but acts like one and denies it constantly. 中島勝雄 / Nakajima, Katsuo Nakajima is Shinichi's best friend who is always asking for information about his relationship with Yukimura. Nakajima tends to try to show Shinichi up to the other girls in their class, especially Maki. 真木菖蒲 / Maki, Ayame Maki is a classmate of Shinichi and Nakajima who provides as the romantic tension between Shinichi and Yukimura. Synopsis: While browsing through his social media, Shinichi recieves a message from a girl named Yukimura, talking about how she wanted to message him for some time now to discuss her love for a new anime he has been posting a lot about. Shinichi eagerly responds to her message and over time, as he and Yukimura converse she begins to show her true self. Shinichi outright asks if she's trying to be a tsundere, to which she responds in the most stereotypical tsundere way, "No, of course I'm not, are you an idiot?". Shinichi tells his friends of this conversation and his relationships change forever after these events.

01: My Family is a Nuisance and I Really Wish I Could Be By Myself

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My Intern...
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