The Outsider
By aleigh897
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Elizabeth "Liz" Kaplan goes to Orange Cove High School in Los Angeles, California. She has lived her whole live being an outsider in a school of slutty girls trying to get boys attentions. On March 19th it's one of the most popular guys in school Ryan Hill's birthday. A new kid moves into town and starts taking to her and basically forces her to be her friend. Liz snaps at her sister, becomes oddly popular and soon finds out that her parents have lied to her her whole life. WARNING: This story has EXTREME stereotyping so don't get offended please. Also the story has many triggers and I wish that you be careful while reading it. There is a lot of depressing stuff so please be careful if you are to read it that you don't read your triggers. There is also a lot of bullying and a sh*t ton of swearing. If you aren't comfortable with these things please don't read the story.... That is all and I hope that if you do stick around to read the story that you like it!

About Me: Liz Kaplan

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The Outsi...
by aleigh897