Running to Me (A Ba...
By VampireHunter1
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How often is a person given a second chance at the life they've always wanted? Emery ( true last name unknown to anyone) had kept her life hidden away from everyone she's ever known. Growing up a foster child seperated from her brother and sister. The only light she found was from her father figure Joe and best friends Iris and Barry. Everything is destroyed when At age 16 they are seperated when she is forced to move by her abusive parents. Life treats her terribly as she does some questionable things to survive. She eventually gets a job at S.T.A.R Labs as a computer hacker after her and her big brother Ronnie reunite. What happens when after 8 years the trio are thrown back together under some pretty strange circumstances.

What's his name?

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Running t...
by VampireHunter1