The President's Dau...
By x6olden_
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When I wake up I'm in the hospital once again. I breath through my nose trying to calm myself. Once I look over I see that Jordan and Natalia are also in the same room as me. I look down at myself and see I'm handcuffed. Where's Daniel? I gasp loudly and a male doctor with a mask on enters the room. I begin to hyperventilate as I notice I'm hand cuffed. "No!" I scream shaking my head vigorously. "DO. NOT." I yell authoritatively he stops for 5 seconds, probably thinking about if he should proceed with the needle. "I'm sorry dear." the familiar voice hits my ears. My eye brows scrunch together as he stabs me in the arm with the medicine. I take a deep breath, "Daddy?" I mumble before darkness swirls around me again When Taylor Banks is moved from the White House for her safety, she is forced to fit in. She never thought to see the day where she'd be with average kids at a PUBLIC school. She is taken to the farthest safe house for her protection so she can lay low. When she begins to attend school she faces many problems, like falling in love with a boy named Jordan. She is cautious at first because she knows, every word that comes out of her mouth would be a lie. BUT! When an old face pops up into the picture after Jordan and her are in a relationship, and threatens to expose her. He then changes his attitude and wants her back and is willing to fight for her. What will she do? And will her father, the president find her?? *I kinda(totally) suck at the description, but if you could give the book a chance......*

Rude Awakinig

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The Presi...
by x6olden_