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By zodiacglade
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⚡️❄️ Red: 20 years old. Born in Pallet Town, Kanto, on August 8th. Champion of both Kanto and Johto regions at ages 11 and 12. Classified as "Fighter". Yellow: 18 years old. Born in Viridian Forest, Kanto, on March 3rd. Defeated Elite Four Lance at age 10. Classified as "Healer". Red and Yellow have known each other for 11 years. Best of friends, and are both Dex Holders. However, after everything that has happened over those 11 years, Red always found himself being saved, and struggling to protect those he loved. Realizing his weakness, he left Kanto to train in the far away region of Sinnoh, only leaving a note, in a small home of the forest of Viridian. How will Yellow react? Will the Fighter and Healer realize their feelings towards one another in each other's absence? A SpecialShipping novel. As a disclaimer, I do not own any (except you know who 🙃) of the characters in this book! All of them belong to Hidenori Kusaka, author of the Pokémon Special Adventures Series. ⚡️❄️

Tainted World

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by zodiacglade