Repentance ( New ti...
By starstruck1601
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Jade Montieth was your regular everyday teenager. Except for the fact that she's a werewolf. The one werewolf who had her life figured out and had no time for romance. That is, until she turns sixteen and is destined a mate. Aiden Donovan was your typical high school troublemaker. Also a werewolf and soon to be alpha. He hated being tied down. So when he turned sixteen and there was no mate in sight, he was overjoyed. Until Jade came along. . . Complete opposites and destined to be together for the rest of their lives. Aiden couldn't accept that. So he didn't. He rejected the one person in his life that was meant to be his. And she didn't take it well. Jade runs off heartbroken and looking to find something or someone to fix her broken heart. She comes back a year later to make sure Aiden knows what regret feels like. Like they always say. . . karma's a bitch. A werewolf romance book filled with comedy, thriller, and a whole lot of regrettable choices. ( Used to be called Regret Rejecting Me Now? )

I - The Rejection

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by starstruck1601