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By -PerpetualStardust-
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/*Featured in Wattpad Fright Reading List 'Scary Shorts'*/ Destiny, karma and fate can be a *abusive word that originally means a female dog*. But they are the only ones who can drastically change the dynamo of your life. Except, of course, your own actions. When Mia and Thomas Thurman find a sweet little infant abandoned in their neighbour's home, their parental skills take over. They forget all their instincts and dismiss all their gut feelings. They're just two people taking care of a small baby. What they should've noticed is this: Is this really a small sweet baby who doesn't even know to chew her meal? Or is she the reason their whole house is covered with the smell of murdered bodies and dark blood? One baby. Two people. One unforgettable Night Highest ranking: #27 in Horror Achievements: 1) First Place in Horror under Mist Awards 2017 2) Second Place in Horror under Craze Awards 2017 3) Horror Genre Winner in Shines Award 2017 4) Second Place in Horror under Writer's Olympics 2017 Warning: If you are reading this story in any other platform other than Wattpad you are very likely to be at the risk of a malware attack. If you wish to read the story in its original, safe, form, please go to: (i.e. read it on Wattpad only!)

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by -PerpetualStardust-