Beginning of the En...
By MichaelBrockbank
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The war with the Dominion was starting to turn for the better. Starfleet had kept the hordes of the Dominion at bay and was beginning to make headway to remove their presence from the Alpha Quadrant. However, doom was looming overhead as Captain Sisko received a disturbing communication. Nearly two thousand Dominion ships were awaiting in the Gamma Quadrant but were sitting idle due to a minefield placed in front of the wormhole linking both quadrants together. Morn, a trusted courier, delivered a message stating how the Dominion stationed on Deep Space Nine in front of the Alpha side of the wormhole were about to disable the minefield. Knowing this would spell disaster for the Federation of Planets and the peace of the Alpha Quadrant, Captain Sisko advises Starfleet that Operation Return has to be executed immediately to retake Deep Space Nine before the deactivation of the minefield commences. The operation was nothing more than straight power play. Starfleet would take as many ships as possible to meet the Dominion on the field of battle. Shorthanded, and likewise short on ships, Sisko asked the Klingons for help in retaking the station. However, the Klingons were reluctant to dedicate such a massive force for a single engagement. Would Starfleet have a chance to win the day without the assistance of the Klingons?

Titans on the Battlefield

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by MichaelBrockbank