The Teddy Swap
By whyme_bookworm
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-------- "Why are you holding Mrs. Cuddly?" His eyes narrowed into slits and his gaze slid to the teddy in my hands, "Why are you holding Mr. Softie?" ------- When Holly moved to a new foster home, she definitely did not expect to end up living next to the most awful neighbor that ever existed, Logan Chamberlin. Arrogant, invasive, egoistical, annoying and a womanizer- nothing could turn much worse. Except the fact that it did turn so much worse. Who would have expected that such a guy like him would secretly tuck the beloved Mr. Softie under his duvet every night? Since things were getting pretty bland, fate decided to spice it up a bit. The day that Holly found herself staring out of her window and right into Logan's room, she found her life-long partner, Mrs. Cuddly, sitting comfortably on his bed. So what does she do? She sneaks in, of course! It wasn't that spicy though, so another twist was made- a really horrible twist. She took the wrong teddy bear. Oh yes, things are about to get very interesting. :)

1. Teddy Gets Poked

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The Teddy...
by whyme_bookworm