Mage (A Skyrim Fanf...
By AudaciousAuthoress
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Helvia Abgrall, a naïve and restless young Breton farm girl, leaves her comfortable and uneventful life at her family's farmstead in High Rock in hopes of attending Skyrim's College of Winterhold. She longs to learn more about magic and how to use it, as well as to experience life in a land she's only heard stories of. However, she's anything but prepared for the journey that lies ahead of her. She's inexperienced, clueless, nearly incapable of fending for herself, and her lack of common sense is almost unreal. However, she's determined to make a better life for herself than the one she had before, and her resolve alone might just be enough to help her reach her goal. That is, if things were actually in her favor to begin with. There is another force that seeks to divert her path down a less pleasant venue, and it is far stronger than she is. In order to keep herself from losing sight of what she left home for, she'll have to stay ahead of a surprisingly powerful, on-the-rise faction in a foreign land - and she won't be able to do that alone. This aspiring mage will travel alongside pickpockets and pariahs, mercenaries and monarchs, and many more intriguing inhabitants of the province of Skyrim on the way to achieving her dream - and, just maybe, she'll befriend a few of them along the way. But her path will not be an easy one. She will have to make sacrifices and learn to adapt to even the worst of situations, and, in the end, she may discover that following her dreams might not be in her best interest. (Rated PG-13 for violence, a few character deaths, and some mild language.)

Chapter 1: A Bad Time to Get Lost (Updated)

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Mage (A S...
by AudaciousAuthoress