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The 16 year old plus sized virgin, that's Me. Getting harassed everyday by people because I'm not skinny, that's Me being the roll of a mother because mine is never home, that's Me. Having to turn to food as My only source of comfort because I don't really have anyone to cry on, that's Me. I'm that 'Quiet Fat Bitch'. I only have one person I truly love;My little brother, Jared. He's there for Me and, I'm there for him. He's all I need. No male will ever take His role In my life, EVER. What happenes when A male comes Into Sienna's life And try to become A part of it. Will She let Her insecurities get in the way of her finding love? Or will she let Him in and never let go? Find out in this love story. After all "Big girls need love too!" . If You Are Expecting Perfect This & That I Suggest You Stop Reading This Right About Now .THIS BOOK WILL HAVE SEXUAL SCENES AND EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. I WARNED YOU. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK) Copyright@Shay_IAmourYou / @I_Am__Shayyy, ALL Rights Reserved


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by ScreamShayyy