Mr Popularity
By IAmJWilletts
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Isaac is your typical popular, bad boy jock. He has the looks, the brains and the girls. He has everything that a boy his age could ever want. His family aren't rich however they have enough money to live comfortably. One particular girl catches Drew's eye, new girl Jessica Wilkins. Unlike the rest of the girls at Isaac's school she is not throwing herself at him, she is more focused on her education so she can get good grades and do well for herself. In fact, Jessica even stands up to Isaac and tells him exactly what she thinks about him and his bad boy habits. Determined to get to know the new girl more Isaac takes every opportunity he can to hang out with her more. She even helped him to realise that his lifestyles isn't all that he thought it was. Jessica's barriers eventually come crashing down as she allows Isaac in. They fall hard and fast for each other. As expected there are hurdles which the duo are expected to overcome however is it possible for some hurdles to be too high?

Chapter 1

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Mr Popula...
by IAmJWilletts