Warriors of The Hig...
By RebelYell861
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This is a Real Person Fanfic set in an alternative universe. I do not own ANY of these actors! They are good people so don't hold them accountable for anything that happens in this story as it is a work of non- fiction. Some of the actors are Richard armitage, aidan turner, Dean O'Gorman, Jed Brophy James Nesbitt, and Graham Mctavish. I own Nothing but story line and a few characters. Cassie didn't expect her school to send a permission form home for a field trip to Scotland. She didn't expect her parents to agree. Cassie expected a long plane trip and rainy weather. If some one had told her that she would chase blue fairy-like creatures into an ancient forest she would have laughed in their face. Cassie was gets sent back in time to a place where scotish warriors battled daily and women where locked away and expected to obey men without question. How will a twenty-first century teenager handle this drastic difference ?

Rough Landing

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by RebelYell861