Ace Detective Case...
By TheCoolGuy05
  • Mystery / Thriller
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  • fantasy
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It's been so long... Arthur Lawton, father of Vesgate Lawton, was still waiting for his wife's return. Evie Lawton and Arthur Lawton, along with their children, were once a happy family. But then, Evie had to go away and search for her parents. She had no choice but to leave her family and search for the people that she was searching for a long time. Unfortunately, Evie faced the same fate that her parents faced. She hasn't returned for so many years. Her husband started to think that she's gone...that she's dead... But all too suddenly, a mysterious caller informed Arthur that they have his wife. Baffled, Arthur immediately went on a journey to find his wife, but unfortunately, he ended up with nothing. He was tricked. In the present day, the mysterious caller once again called...claiming that this is for real this time. No tricks, no nothing. And now it is up to Vesgate, Arthur, and their friends to unravel the mysteries of Evie's disappearance.

Character Forms

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Ace Detec...
by TheCoolGuy05