EXO Chatroom: NoTP...
By MeloMato
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It's been almost two years since EXO disbanded. They all left and now live separately with only their partner. Suho noticed they all had the same social media app and thought it would be a good idea to keep them all connected through it. But when Luhan gets hit by a truckload of fate, drama starts to stir up. It leads the twelve to wonder whether this chatroom was really a good idea after all. This is a story of my EXO NoTP's Vs. OTP's. All the ships are in the tags if you want to know them. Both OTP and NoTP. Though, there'll probably be more since they didn't all fit. [Warning: This Book is Cringey af]

Welcome To This Chatroom!

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EXO Chatr...
by MeloMato