Ghostly Justice
By TheOnlyPidgeon
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Daniel Fenton felt like he died along with his friends and family during the explosion. His spirit and wellbeing was crushed the minute the bomb exploded, leaving him alone with a thermos. Afraid for his future, Danny packed whatever he could and ran during the night. He's afraid of what will happen when Vlad Masters finds him. The Guys in White are searching hard for the villain, Danny Phantom, and will do anything to avenge the murders of an innocent family and two kids. Danny is unsure of whether or not he has the strength and willpower of stopping them. Landing himself in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, Danny finally felt safe enough to stay for a little bit longer thanks to meeting a little girl named Emily. Since meeting a newly formed team of young superheroes, he wonders if maybe he doesn't have to run anymore. This book is not abandoned, I promise you. I'm literally working on the next like three chapters at once. [April 11th, 2020] (Cover by me)

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Ghostly J...
by TheOnlyPidgeon