To Love Again
By winnie96201
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Ella used to always be in the shadows shy, and lets people walk over her ,and treat her badly, but an incident happened which changed her , leaving a scar on her soul. She hides who she is behind a badass, bad girl act, and hides her emotions giving people the impression that she's heartless and tough ,but what happens when that act isn't just an act any more but a lifestyle, although deep down she now that she's just a girl thats still hurt by her past . After a rough past her mum thinks it's best if she gets a new beginning ,and moves to a new town but what if Ella isn't ready to move on ,and is still stuck in her past memories . What happens when she catches a certain bad boys attention ,and he can't seem to get her out of his mind . will he be the one to show her that our pasts don't define who we are and we don't need to hide our true feelings . Ryder on the other hand is mr popular The towns bad boy always surrounded his 3 friends also known as the bad boys . They are arrogant players , but deep down that's not who Ryder truly is or wants to be ,but he lets his reputation get the best of him or will a certain badass change his player ways . Ryder is your typical bad boy with his bad boy cliche they are feared by most , Envied by boys , loved by girls , but no one knows about the rough patches in Ryder's life but the 3 people in his group Hunter , Alec and Blake . But what happens when a certain badass moves to town . What happens when these two meet . Ella despises his existence at first but Ryder just can't seem to leave her alone . They might seem like polar opposites but what happens when they realise they have more in common than they think . Secrets will be shared ... Pasts will be remembered ... Tears will be shed.... But most of all would there hate turn into love ? * UNEDITED HAS SPELLING MISTAKES GOING TO EDIT ONCE DONE* Vote and comment please #50 in Romance


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To Love A...
by winnie96201