Feel Again (A Larry...
By Il0vecats
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This is the story of Harry Styles and Desiree Gold. Harry and Desiree were inseparable. Even his best friend Louis Tomlinson couldn't compete. Des believed that she could change Harry's past. Harry drinks. Harry cuts. Harry parties. Harry sleeps with random whores. There was a time when Harry used to be just the cute curly haired boy, up until Gemma died. Harry was driving home with her when they got into a terrible car accident. The next thing they knew, they were in a pile of glass, rubble, and bent metal. It wasn't the impact that killed her, it was the amount of blood that she lost. Harry couldn't do anything but watch his best friend, his own sister bleed to death through a head wound in agony. He had killed her. It was enough to drive him insane, until he found Desiree. Des was half alive, beaten behind a bar alley when Harry found her. To make up for letting his sister die in his hands, Harry was compelled to help Desiree recover. Slowly, but then all at once they fell in love. Hard. Everyone knew it. Then came the day when Des asked Harry to stop drinking. He did as she asked. She asked him to stop partying. He did as she asked. Gradually, she asked him to stop cutting when he snapped. He ended it, right then and there. Harry just walked out with nothing in his pockets but a wad of cash, his iPhone, and plane tickets. Spain. Ireland. Paris. Madagascar. He did whatever he could to forget her and all the evil in his life. He sang for countless charities. He helped in homeless shelters. He worked in soup kitchens. That wasn't enough. Finally, he came back, needing to see the girls that he wanted to hold more than anything. Both of the girls that he broke. Both of the girls that he loved. The insufferable reality is faced that she doesn't love him anymore. Maybe its a switch of fate, but Louis will be the one after all.

Authors note <3

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Feel Agai...
by Il0vecats