Myles and Cole
By avalonbwriting
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Quiet and anxious, Myles is a bundle of nerves entering his sophomore year of high school after being homeschooled for years. With his supportive, older brother by his side, he knows he won't be alone. But ultimately, Myles is hopeful to make his own way through high school. Carefree and slightly arrogant, just about sums up popular senior, Cole's attitude. He just wants to graduate already. His social status and confident manner help him breeze through his school life, and parties and one-night-stands are the "perfect" distraction to help out along the way. But is it his school life that he really needs distracting from? His act of arrogance and provocative activities help mask his unstableness and pain from the past. Upon meeting one of his best friend's, timid little brother, Cole is shocked to find out that someone has captured his interest. He isn't too sure how best to handle these unfamiliar feelings. His supposed "tough guy" facade unravels as this boy becomes the first person to ever set his heart aflutter. #1 BoyxBoy 25/06/18

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Myles and...
by avalonbwriting