His Hunter
By monochromemonotone
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They both have their secrets. Some worse than others, but all of them dark and thorny. Maybe the only thing that can save them from themselves...is each other. Cole had always been fascinated by the idea of having a mate. It seemed like such an easy thing. At least, that's what he thought. But that was before. Before he realized that he--a full blooded human--had a mate himself. And then, instead of easy...it seemed impossible. 1: Because his dad doesn't approve of humans mating wolves, despite Cole's sister. And 2: Cole's mate is...a man. God knows what his dad would think of that. But despite his father, despite the fact that he's a Hunter and Lionel is a wolf... Cole has a lot of things he doesn't tell people. How his mother is dead. How his sister is a Luna. How much he looks up to his dad even if the man doesn't deserve it. And now, how much he liked the feeling of Lionel's lips. But he would never tell anyone that. Especially Lionel. And wow, how that drives Lionel crazy. {His Moon spinoff, story retold}

Coming eventually!

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His Hunter
by monochromemonotone