Strange Love [19 Da...
By LarryWriting
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He Tian had honestly only wanted home cooked meals, take-out food had begun to make his stomach churn. He definitely hadn't bargained for a certain red headed asshole to make his stomach churn with butterflies. It made him feel helplessly weak. Hong Fa hadn't expected to grow fond of his biggest tormenter. But as they begin to learn more about one another after a turn of events drives them together, both end up with way more feelings than they bargained for. ☼ This takes place a little after He Tian gropes Redhead. I don't own any of these cuties, Old Xian does. I didn't make the lovely fanart of my cover but the watermark of who did is there even though I can't seem to find where they. ( PS I WROTE THIS SO LONG AGO THAT WE DIDNT EVEN HAVE A NAME FOR LITTLE MO YET. His name was introduced though about halfway through. hong fa is evidently a nickname for redhead so 🤌🏻)

Chapter One ☼ Control

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Strange L...
by LarryWriting