Until The Last Peta...
By harrish6
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* Currently rewriting. Will put back up the chapter once done with rewriting it. Will take off this notice once done rewriting all the current chapters. (I do not own this picture, Undertale, or any of the characters, they belong to their rightful owners. I only own this story) Waking up in a bed of golden flowers, the little skeleton was confused. So many questions ran through his head, the more important ones asked where he was, and who he was. With a human SOUL of Determination, the little Monster started forth on a journey to leave the Underground, determined to find the person who he was looking for. But Determination comes with a price. The Monster soon found this out when flowers started growing out of him, poisonous flowers. This little Monster though, with all his soft edges and starry eyes, did not give up. With Mercy and Kindness he strove forward. Even as he grew weak, even as he was left blinded, he still believed in kindness and Mercy in this world of Kill or be Killed. It was that very same attitude and smile in which he broke down the walls surrounding another's SOUL and gained himself a protector and love unlike any other. And while the starry eyed one wanted to find the one calling for him, he also did not want to leave his protector alone. But Determination comes with a price, and someone has to pay it.

Little Red Soul In A Bed Of Flowers

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Until The...
by harrish6