Shadow Of My Past
By warishaahmed
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • arranged
  • boss
  • mystery
  • past
  • thriller
  • torture


#2nd on What's Hot List (16/5/17). Now this was a big shock. Thank you my beautiful readers....!!! Hoorain Ahmed whose parents are dead. Working as a Head Manager and the right hand of her boss. She was enjoying her life but suddenly she was interrupted by "Miss Ahmed, I would like you to call me as Sir" "Yes Sir' Aariz Aatish her temporary boss. Who was more cold than an ice. He's a very reserved man with few words. Yes, he's very handsome and there are lots of girls drooling over him for his charm. Yet, he never misses a chance to humiliate her. Why?? No one knows.. When everything was going smooth what happens when suddenly a shadow of her past appears in front of her turning everything upside down. Her life has become a riddle and to solve that riddle there are lots of mysteries that has to be unrevealed first. And on top of that there is Aariz Aatish... Cover credit goes to @delicate_psyche


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Shadow Of...
by warishaahmed