Red Carpet Lovers #...
By Ellisa_Evans
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Sequel of Falling In Love With Her and Tamed To Love You "Alexa, we need a model for our fashion show," Cassie said. "And, we couldn't find a proper model," Will said. "This is a very big project for our company to have a fashion show so that we can sell more fashion dresses," Ryan said. "So?" I asked. "We want you to be our model, Alexa!" Ryan, Cassi and Will said. "You what?!" I asked. "We will put some make up to make you look like somebody else so that nobody understands that Ryan's wife is a model. That way, no other business company would know target you. Nice idea, right?" Will said. "So . . . I really need to be a model?" I asked. "Yeah," Ryan said. I sighed. What is this new problem? My boss is my husband, my friend is my fashion designer and my friend's husband is my photographer for the fashion show. And, I am going to hide my identity so that I don't become the target. I also have a baby. How am I going to manage all that? How is our secret office romance work out?

The baby kicks

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Red Carpe...
by Ellisa_Evans