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By houseofziam
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"Maybe, I don't," Liam glares at Louis, "But you know what I know? I know that if you and Harry suddenly see the light and stop running away from your god damn feelings and eventually start to fuck, I would never tell on you. Not even if the alternative is death!" That hushes everyone down for a very long time. Niall just looks back and forth between Louis and Harry with an astonished expression on his face while Harry stares resolutely at Liam, avoiding Louis' eyes. Liam still has his fists clenched with Zayn standing still behind him, touching. "And there is one other thing you all should know," Liam starts again, "it is because of your big ass mouths that Zayn is going to have to get engaged to somebody who is not me! People are going to know about it, people are going to believe in it and guess what I am gonna do? I am going to sit here, despising them and hating every single one of you!" Aka where zayn and liam struggle to be together, in the face of countless obstacles that vary from new girlfriends to engagements to their best friends turning against them and forcing them apart This time i will posting ziamfic from my favorite tumblr acc ever I love her so much bcoz she's ziam as fuck So, enjoy!!!

Chapter 1 - the special phrase

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Twists an...
by houseofziam