By AbbySkibsted
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It all starts when Kurt Hummel transfers to Dalton, an all boys school with a no bullying policy. Or so they thought, there is only one girl at Dalton, her name is Blaire Anderson, the twin sister of the heart throb Blaine Anderson. Blaire and Blaine are the stars of Dalton, Blaine being the leader of the Warblers, and Blaire being super smart and the hottest girl anyone of those prep school boys have seen. What no one knows except for the her closest friends and her family, is that Blaire can also sing. She had a bad experience on the stage of their old school's talent show and now she's scared. But Blaine has a plan to get her to sing again, join the warblers, and have fun. After their sophomore year Blaine convinces his parents to let him transfer to McKinley to be with Kurt (as we all know) Blaire learns about her brother leaving Dalton and she immediately decides to transfer along with her brother. When she transfers she looks at a bulletin board, trying to take a new approach to the whole public school thing, and she wants to try out for a club. All of a sudden a cute boy appears and persuades her to join the glee club. She tries out and Blaine was worried at first but when she opened her mouth it was a less annoying version of Rachel Berry and everyone wanted her to be in. Once she is in the Glee club she starts to really fall for the boy that got her to join in the first place, wanna know what happens to these glee clubers? Read more to find out The only character I own is Blaire, but I don't own glee sadly


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by AbbySkibsted