Love Me Again
By FindingJesse
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Elizabeth Bell can't escape her past. No matter what she does: changing her name or her looks. It's her handsome ex-husbands face on a magazine that haunts her every day. The nightmares of her past continue to torment her, and it gets worse when she comes face to face with the devil himself. -------------------- "You don't have a girlfriend right now." "That's right," Blake said sounding bored. "Everyone is wondering if that's because you aren't over your ex-wife, Elizabeth Bell." When he said that I froze. The last thing I wanted from this interview was for him to bring up my past life. Although I changed my name to Rose Matthews, I still freeze every time someone mentions that name. I try so hard to forget my past before I was Rose but when you have so many people constantly bringing it up you can't escape it. Blake's answer brought me back to the present. "No! Honestly, I was glad to be out of that marriage. It was a burden, constantly having to be married to her. I don't have a girlfriend because I want to be able to enjoy the single life for a while. Since I was tied to someone for so long, I just want to have some freedom in my life." He said honestly. I felt France and Jay each grab my hand. I felt my heart break again. I didn't think that was possible. My heart is already broken into a million pieces and somehow he was able to break it even more... ---------------------- Can Elizabeth and Blake learn to love each other again? Or will their past catch up to them?


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