Come What May (Harm...
By fangirlygirl
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It had been years. From the moment it happened, Hermione knew that she had to make a decision. So she had done it. She had forgiven Ron, thinking that she could learn to love him, knowing that he already loved her. Deep down, there was a part of Hermione that wished she'd taken the other road. She had spent years trying to push it down until it no longer existed. But it was always there. Nevertheless, the thought was never expressed. She had always been one to rely on logic, to listen to her head before her heart. So why should that change now? It had been years. Harry didn't bother trying to deny it the way Hermione did. But he did try to destroy it. He had spent all that time trying to replace his feelings for her with feelings for someone else. But all he could ever think about was her. It had been years. And while many things had changed, one very important thing stayed the same. Only now it's not a secret.


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Come What...
by fangirlygirl