Chasing After the B...
By Walking_Smile
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Life is hard. Especially for Rory Blue. She’s different. She has a story that nobody knows. Everyone at school thinks she’s a bad ass who gets what she wants when she wants no matter what she has to do to get it, especially if it included as fight. Well everyone’s wrong. At home she is an obedient and scared girl, abused by the only person she has left. But at school she is the silent, lonely, bad ass of the school who everyone avoids. Well that’s till the sweet yet very popular Stone starts to dig in and learn what’s underneath that strong façade she puts on for the people outside of her house. Gram--well everyone calls him Stone, but the one girl who has him puzzled every which way. Stone is Mr. Popular, but he isn’t like the others. He is as all the girls-including his very popular girlfriend-say, ‘sweet as a fucking honey bun’. When he is partnered with Aurora, the schools bad ass who if looks could kill would be a serial killer, he finds something about her different. Something that he is absolutely determined to chase after to find out what it is. ~*---*~ CAUTION: This will contain some graphic abuse, rude language, and have some sexual situations (mostly just conversations).

Chasing After the Bad Girl (1)

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Chasing A...
by Walking_Smile