Shattered Heart
By ehrikuhhh
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Erin is the daughter of one of the most respected vampire lords, but she isn't your ordinary vampire. Erin has the ability to read peoples mind, control them with just one look into her eyes. When her father decides to get some new help around the house, she just can't seem to keep away from the new guy. She starts to fall in love. Jaxon starts making her feel like she's never felt before, helping her see that she's doesn't have to be afraid to be who she really is. Helping her control her blood crave, without giving in to the monster she so desperately hides. He begins to change her. Erin's best friend Arlo has always been inlove with her, but when he finds out that she's inlove with a human, it becomes his undoing. But what happens when the unexpected suddenly happens, and everything she's worked for goes out the window. Feeling more empty than she ever did, the pain becomes to overwhelming and does the only thing she can think of. Erin shuts it all out, running away from within her fathers walls, going on a ruthless rampage, destroying anything and anyone that gets in her way. She's lost. She's hopeless. She's broken. {Cover Made By @ZETAUniverse 💕}

Chapter 1

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by ehrikuhhh