In The Hands of a B...
By KittyStarrReaper
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Book 2 of The Sampson's Legacy CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE! It was his turn. It was his time to take on the family corporation. To sit behind the same desk that his father had sat behind. To deal with the workers that had watched him and his other siblings grow up over the many years. It was Aiden Sampson. The new arrogant boss of Sampson Incorporation. With an attitude as cold as the tundra and a look of death, many chose to not defy the new boss until she stepped into his life in a pencil skirt and an unusual dark blue blouse. With her around, there would never be silence in the office building anymore. And Aiden realized that too.

Chapter 1

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In The Ha...
by KittyStarrReaper