Learning to love ag...
By Starbucks
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When four teenage girls with remarkable powers leads to their fates becoming intertwined, will they accept or deny their fates? Jinx, with a need for speed inside her custom made car, trying to outrace her tears, Josephine, living in a cloud of make-up to escape her loneliness, Jessica, a fierce girl with the drive of a business woman to get out of her current life, and Jemma, an organic girl who has extraordinary goals trying to get anyone to notice her, all torn by love with vows to never love, but how can they not when there are so many cute guys around every corner. With vows to themselves as well as each other they discover their new school is as full of secrets as it is old. Also, the school is not as peachy keen as it appears on the brochure. When girls, boys, and power are thrown into the mix there is sure to be trouble brewing; if just that.

Learning to love again: Chapter One

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by Starbucks