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Snowfire is a Riverclan warrior. She found Skyclan when Riverclan and them were fighting. With Skyclan found they will return to the forest. She also finds two kits in the forest that smell suspiciosly of Shadowclan. One is deaf and speaks with her tail. The other comes to be a spy for Shadowclan. He plans to kill his sister because she knows too much of what Shadowclan is planning. The day before the gathering there's a big fight between all five clans. Shadowclan and Windclan have given up on believing in Starclan and have banded up to take all of the forest as their own. What will happen? Will Leafkit(the spy cat) kill or be killed? Will Snowfire be able to find the other elementals to save the forest or will the clans die because she couldn't find them? Find out in Snowfire.

..~*~..Snowfire..~*~..a warriors story

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by WolfAngelGirl