Behind Closed Gates...
By LibbyBlake
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The Central Park Zoo was a major attraction in America. There were monkeys, giraffes, reptiles... And a wolf. A she-wolf, strong and tall, proud and determined... She was a werewolf. Trapped within the bars of a zoo, unable to escape to the calling woods, unable to run to the howls of her mate... The mighty she-wolf was closed off from her world. Forced to stay in her wolf form, the cameras preventing her from shifting back to her human form, she struggled day by day to live up to the wishes of the public. She had no option but to listen to her keepers, or they would drug her, killing both her wolf and her human form. When the local pack's school comes to the zoo to learn about other animals, they realise there was a werewolf trapped. But this she-wolf isn't just a werewolf... she was worth a lot more. The news of the trapped she-wolf spread through the pack, and eventually through the entire state. More and more people come and see the wolf at the zoo, but they can't do anything with the naked eyes of the humans watching them. All the wolves start to come together to rescue the she-wolf, and return her to her pack. However, there are questions that need to be answered. Who is she? What pack is she from? How long has she been trapped there? Who is her mate? But more importantly, how are they going to get her out? #27 in Werewolf - Highest seen rank Watty Awards 2014 Contender (c) Copyright LibbyBlake

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Behind Cl...
by LibbyBlake