The story of Naomi...
By FlavaIsMe
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*Old work* *ON HOLD* "Who are you?" I questioned her again. Dream after dream we would do this. Sit int front of each other. Starring like two enemies in one body. "The spirit of fire and destruction. But also of balance." I heard her thoughts this time. She looked surprised by the fact that I had heard that. "Can I call you Destroyer since you destroyed my life?" I asked her. "Bo-ho poor you, what do you think you did to me?!" She sounded angry with me, like I was the one who had done something wrong. "What do you mean?" I asked her. "NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUESSNES!" She yelled and firebended to the sides. "I'll just call you Debra then." I answered casually. I knew she couldn't hurt me, that meant she would hurt too. "You don't get to play the smart one here!" She said. I was about to answer her when I felt something. I saw flashes and images of a spirit. An evil one. Coming for Korra. "You did not see that!" She said "Yes I did." I answered her. "Is that going to happen?" I asked her, and I could see on the look of her face, it was true. "So what? It's not like you can help her." She turned around. "But you can." She didn't answer. "Please, if you help me I'll give you anything?" She turned around and looked me in the eyes. For a second I thought I saw something... almost human in her eyes. ********************** This is the 2 book in The Story Of Naomi - LOK FanFic. In this story we follow Kya's daughter, Naomi the newfound waterbender. After book one, we find Naomi slowly learning who she truly is. Along with preventing the world from ending in 10,000 years of darkness, with her best friend the Avatar of course. Just another adventure for Team Avatar.

1. A waterbender?

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The story...
by FlavaIsMe