Am I? (TW&TMR)
By TT_Amara
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Stiles Stilinski. Sounds familiar? Stiles has been missing for a couple of years. He was... is a light spirit that everyone loved to be around, even Derek Hale. He was... is the purest of the pack, the spark. No one has seen him in years. Kidnapped and killed, they said. But not his pack, his family. Scott McCall is Stiles best friend ,or brothers. They were... is close. Closer than anyone else than their parents. Scott has been looking for stiles. Even when the search was closed. He and the pack went out looking everywhere ten thousands time. He never felt so heart broken when each time, everyday they come back with nothing. But the "spark" is still there in the pack, but faint. Scott needs to look everyday before that feel gets weaker. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~----------------------------------------------------------------- All the characters are not made be me. I have one other book. ( Book: Love, Rose) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment and Vote! Previously known as "Remembering" Rankings! #28 in maze #84 in thomas #7 in wcked #15 in voidstiles #16 in wicked #10 in lydiamartin

Chapter 1

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Am I? (TW...
by TT_Amara