This Name Is A Work...
By whateverparlor
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Benji Waters wouldn't know hardship if it didn't come in the form of death in Game of Thrones or ADD. Not until it comes in 190 pounds of pure muscle and anger, a bully with the intention of stealing enough money to jumpstart the economy and still have enough to buy lunch. But, Archer Doe swims in hardship and cigarette smoke, his problems coming in his mothers' beer bottles and a prissy pretty boy with a vendetta. He's known the struggle since birth and now that the pretty boy is on the verge of tipping, he needs something to stop him from revealing the darkest struggle Archer's ever had. Both have problems and when Archers friends find Benji after a tussle with his bully, a plan is made; Archer and his crew protect Benji from the Latino bull and Benji follows their steps to destroy the pretty boy from the inside out. Seems like a pretty good deal. Hardships and all. ; The only thing different about this scene, one that has me sitting in the park at 2am, is who was sitting next to me. "You think they know?" Archer asked under his breath, eyes stuck on the mulch beneath our feet. I shrugged, letting my hand slide across the metal playground, laying still between us, "Do we even know?" My whisper lingered for a moment. My answer came a second later in the form of a hand. In mine. ; A/N: real quick: warnings for you good people; 1. Some content including self-hatred, abuse (verbal and physical), and other sensitive topics will be brought up. Not to a horrible extent but it will be present within this little book. 2. There will be swear words. I just...I swear and so do these beautiful characters. 3. There may or may not be a few sexy scenes in here ;) 4. Yes, there will be a relationship between two guys...(; ; *all credit for that beautiful cover is due to @-averagesky*

All the old babes-^2 3

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This Name...
by whateverparlor