Swiveled Dreams
By Tash91
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Being Rewritten. Night time for Emma Cross meant a constant roller coaster of visions, both past and future. The lines between dreams and reality were starting to blur and her future was looking more than a little bleak. Four padded walls and straitjacket bleak. She was sick of it. Done with therapy, mental institutions and being so heavily medicated that she resembled something from the zombie apocalypse. She was giving this new psychiatric hospital the boot and getting the hell out of dodge. Escaping the loony bin was the least of her problems. Especially since the creatures in her head were suddenly taking on a very convincing form of flesh and fur. Her crazy was about to get even crazier. Marcus was the Beta of the Nightshade pack. He was tech savvy and street smart, but he had the tact of a fossilized fish. How was he supposed to handle a mate of his own, especially given that the female was human? Warning: Rape scene - not for sensitive readers


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by Tash91