Be My Kitty (Editin...
By InGameProdigy
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Kirito can't get a hold of her Asuna. With Asuna not replying, they all decide to look for her. When they finally find her, they thought all problems were settled. But they were terribly mistaken. After this unsettling breakup, he's immediately heartbroken but dared not to show it. He didn't know how to cope. His group of friends didn't know how to feel about the breakup and failed to comfort him. Until a certain friend decides she wants to ease his pain and mend his heart back together, just like he eased her pain and her trauma when they first met. Would he start to heal? Would she? How will Yui react? How will Kirito's harlem react? This story is filled with romance, some humor, some action. And some mystery. Take a ride with us, on this emotional rollercoaster. Get drunk on this ship. (Editing so I'm sorry if it seems I updated a new chapter.).

I Miss You

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Be My Kit...
by InGameProdigy