Shattered & Tar...
By NazareaAndrews
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When Chuck & Amara left, they tipped the balance. A power vacuum that needed to be filled. And with nothing to fill it, the world reached for the old gods. The sleeping gods. Sam and Dean Winchester get two months. Two months of peace and rebuilding their family. Castiel is there, more often than not, guiding Heaven, but wanting little part in the restructure of power. They get two months of quiet and apple pie life, and a chance with someone whose been lost to them for decades. When peace shatters, it shatters spectacularly. A new threat is blowing in from the Northeast, spreading death in its wake, and it's got its sights set on the Winchesters. And then Heaven complicates things in the form of a child. A little girl named Lucy, with an angel's grace and a devil's smile and no fucking clue what the hell is living inside her vessel.

Chapter 1: A New Day & An Old Dreamer

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by NazareaAndrews