Aura Of Obsession #...
By Khreamhe
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*****MATURE CONTENT***** I say, " What would you like to do tonight?" And he says, " I'm coming up to you from the shower with threads of water racing on my skin naked." The words hit me causing a damp in my panty , making me gasp for air. "Pressing myself on you from behind so hard till your feet goes numb and your legs part to welcome me in." he finishes I guess. I watch him with lustful eyes as he take a wicked sip of the red wine cupped in his hand giving me that daring look which always turn me on. He must be definitely drunk. This is not the Jayson I know. The Jayson I know can't even stand my presence, neither will he wish to touch me. I should slap myself out of it, but awkwardly, I was looking forward to have a taste of the forbidden apple on the tree.

Chapter ⓞⓝⓔ

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Aura Of O...
by Khreamhe