The Guardian
By Honeyfern1026
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Lana Jackson's life has never been boring. She was left at Camp Half-Blood when she was just a year old, and she met her brother and mother when she was 5. She's been fighting monsters almost her entire life with weapons like swords and spears. But what if one day, she comes across another way to fight, to protect. And what if that way was magic? Lana has stuck by her brothers side, she went through all the prophecies and experiences that he has. When Percy was out doing his Demigod stuff, she was right by his side. She was stuck like glue. But one day, they're going to have to separate. Because Harry Potter is in need of a Protector, of a Guardian. And Lana is young enough, and brave enough for the job. Now, the young girl is placed in a whole new world, a place that she never knew existed. It doesn't have lava walls, or gods and goddesses. And instead of learning how to use weapons. They learn to do magic. And Lana can do it too. This is the story of her life, as she becomes The Guardian of the Boy-Who-Lived. Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson OR Harry Potter Note: This is part of The Guardian universe This book is connected with the following stories;Fire and Ice {Charlie Weasley}, A Drop of Water {Fred Weasley}, I'm a Dreamer {Sirius Black}, and Free Falling {George Weasley}

Chapter 1

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The Guard...
by Honeyfern1026