Finding Obsidian
By RavensFlyAway
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He brushed his lips against my jaw, his dark hair falling over his brow. "Open your eyes," he commanded. "Look at me." I followed his orders and looked into the raven-black depths before me. I saw my entranced gaze reflected in his glaring one. "Tell me what you see." I kept on looking at him, searching for something, anything, that remained of the person he used to be. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. But his eyes were so dark, so empty . . . "Nothing. I see nothing," I whispered. He smirked, his gaze still on me. He pulled away, leaving me feeling cold. "Exactly. You see nothing - that's because there's nothing there." ** How much can a person change in just three years? Short and full of fiery spirit, Hanna Jordan is a gifted college student who is enrolled in one of the most prestigious culinary programs in the country. She's just returned from three years of study in France and is anxious to reconnect with her longtime friend, Rian Aronhalt. However, when she does finally see him, she's startled to find that he's become an entirely different person. Cold, ill-tempered, and exceptionally attractive, Rian is absolutely nothing like his old self. Worst of all, he claims he doesn't even remember her. Despite their differences, both are haunted by dark memories of the past, which form a poisonous bond between Hanna and Rian that neither can escape from. Can they both heal from the scars time left behind, and find love in the process?

Let's Call This A Prelude

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Finding O...
by RavensFlyAway