Chasing Shadows
By WildCatLover157
  • Paranormal
  • darkness
  • evil
  • hunter
  • shadow
  • shadowpeople


"Shadows are not nearly as harmless as they may seem." -•- "Forget what your teachers and parents told you about shadows. It's all a lie. They were trying to save your skin by making you ignorant. I'm trying to save your skin by enlightening you. If you chose to keep reading you will fear the dark once again. If you choose to continue living as an ignorant soul...well, they can still get you." -•- Avery White has feared the dark all of her life. She hated the nighttime, she hated rainy days, and she hated shadows. She had never been able to explain her fears...or at least, not to normal people. No one would believe her, because they couldn't see what she could see. The faces. The hands. The people. Darkness has always been associated with evil. But no one really knows the true meaning behind it. Avery didn't either. Until she met the Hunters. Darkness spreads as evil grows. The more Avery learns, the more she fears. The more dangerous she becomes. Never underestimate the poor soul you know who fears the dark. They see much more than you do, after all. But remember. They can still find you.


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by WildCatLover157