The Shadow Keeper
By Rissa-Writer
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"Drink this." He holds out a small glass of deep red liquid. "Is that blood?" I can't believe any of this. It's not real. It can't be. In a few moments, I'll wake up from this nightmare. "Yes, now drink." He grabbed my chin and forcefully put it in my mouth. I tried to spit it out, but he kept my mouth closed and made me swallow the blood. Why does this taste so good? All of a sudden my whole mouth starts to hurt. The pain is excruciating and I scream. I reach up and feel two sharp fangs. I look up at him. "Your transition to a vampire is complete." This is not a nightmare. This is real life. ***** Dahlia is a newly formed vampire and is lost in this new world that she was forced into. She is trying her best not to hurt any innocent people, but it's an instinct to feed from humans. Cade is one on the strongest vampires in the world. His life is like a routine, that never changes. But his life takes a turn for the better, once he meets Dahlia... Or is it for worse? They face new dangers when they figure out that the one who turned Dahlia, has come back for her. He has come back for the powers she never knew she had. Dahlia will have to overcome the shadows and darkness, that seem to follow her wherever she goes. ~~~~~ "Very good piece of writing... 😀" @ShawonEric "Definitely got my attention. Great writing." @LucyMangoXX "AHHH. You are good at this. I've got those chest twisties." @ScarletMythical Cover made by: @Pennywithaney


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The Shado...
by Rissa-Writer