The Assasins innoce...
By sagaolivia
  • Historical Fiction
  • assassin
  • death
  • love
  • nun
  • power


One night, right before bedtime, she hears a fight going on right outside the usually peaceful monastery. The other girls try in a desperate attempt to get away, but with all of the guards usually patrolling long gone, they head straight outside to their deaths. Edun though, stands paralyzed in fear at the spot, by the small window just above her bed. Her eyes glued to her dead sisters. What scares her the most is that it is only one single person there, one single person caused all of that damage, just by himself. She can't see his face because of the black cloak he is wearing, but the beast of a mans massive form was radiating power. Almost as if sensing her eyes on him, he quickly turns his head her way, and with big graceful steps he starts for the door which leads straight up to the nuns dormitory. She was going to die. In what she thinks is her last moments alive , she sits on her knees, press her hands together, and do what she has been taught to do whenever she fears, Pray. She barely hears someone storming into the room, before everything turns completely black.

The Assasins innocent prey

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The Assas...
by sagaolivia